Bern station conversion


Kummler+Matter AG
Freiburgstrasse 593
3172 Niederwangen bei Bern


ongoing since February 2020

Bern is the second largest railway station in Switzerland and an important hub for national and international rail traffic. The capital's station is being expanded so that it can continue to fulfil its functions in the future.

RBS is building a new underground station with four tracks below the existing tracks 2 - 7 of the SBB station. SBB is building a second underground passage, the “Mitte Underpass”, between the existing station underpass and the “Welle” (wave), with access from Länggasse and Bubenbergplatz.

The TR Trans Rail staff are working on behalf of Kummler+Matter in Bern. This is a pilot project aimed at ensuring knowledge of the section and providing help on the construction site. The picture shows the MPV 005 (multi-purpose vehicle) ex SOB as XTmas 99 85 9 131 005-2.