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Services for railway operators

Services for railway operators in freight transport

TR Trans Rail AG offers railway operators (RO) in freight transport services for the operation of the first and last mile of freight transports. For this purpose, employees with Ai40 and TKC competences are available who are trained to carry out services in accordance with the operating regulations of TR Trans Rail AG. A shunting locomotive of the type Am 841 can also be offered.

Service elements
The services may include the following service elements:

  • Ai40 activity for the collection and / or delivery of single wagons, groups of wagons or trains from the defined operating point to the loading point in the siding or free-loading track or in transhipment facilities.
  • Ai40 activities for other manoeuvre procedures defined with the RO.
  • TKC activities for technical wagon control of the departure train.
  • Transmission of wagon data on arrival / departure to a defined reception point.
  • Shunting services in the sidings can be agreed within the framework of the agreement. For the implementation of a shunting service, an Ai40 locomotive driver and a shunting attendant are required