Rail Staff

A high level of responsibility at the front line

Not a «nine-to-five job» and out on the move with several hundred tons – as an engine driver at TR Trans Rail AG, you bear the great responsibility of transporting cargo and passenger trains safely from A to B. Irregular working hours are the rule for us, as are diversified work tasks. From historic trains to modern types of locomotive, we are on the move on the Swiss rail network and in some case even on international networks.

We offer a wide range of products and services in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. We do everything – from freight transport, special transportation journeys, trial runs and test drives to group charter trips and themed event rides.

Working at TR Trans Rail

From a 50% working week, you will receive a second class GA travelcard free of charge.
We pay the premium for non-occupational accident insurance (AANP).
At Asga, we are affiliated with a sound pension fund.
You have the opportunity of further training and education.
In a full-time job, the weekly working time is 41 hours. You are entitled to 5 weeks’ holiday per year. From the age of 50, the holidays increase to 6 weeks. From the age of 60, you are entitled to 7 weeks' holiday.
We are a small company and maintain a family atmosphere with each other.

Your responsibilities

  • Independently driving freight and passenger trains on the Swiss rail network and
  • some international networks
  • Responsibility for safety, punctuality and quality
  • Reliable implementation of rules adapted to the situation
  • Flexible and short-term assignments, depending on requirements




What you bring to the table

  • You enjoy exceptional assignments with different types of engines and on various routes of the Swiss rail network
  • Reliable, motivated, flexible, team player, conscientious and with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • High level of ability to concentrate as well mental and physical resilience
  • Willingness to work irregular shifts
  • Technical interest and understanding of vehicles with different designs
  • Skilled in the use of digital tools
  • Business fluent in the language in the area of operation – both spoken and written (Level B2). Depending on the location, you have knowledge of a second national language (Level A1).
  • Perfect sense of colour (no red-green visual impairment)
  • Willingness to continuously develop and learn new things


Salary and allowances

Gross salary

  • The gross salary per month including the 13th monthly salary is dependent on age and experience. The annual salary as a trained engine driver is between 65,000 Francs and 104,000 Francs. You will also receive expenses and allowances.

Additional allowances

  • Night bonus: 6 Francs per hour.
  • Sunday bonus: 16 Francs per hour.
  • Daily travel allowance from 6 hours duty shift: 21 Francs.
  • Child allowances: 200 Francs for each child.
  • Education allowance: 280 Francs for each child in education.
  • Reimbursement of expenses for out-of-town travel.


    Salary ranges for trained rail staff cat. B/cat. B100

    Wages Age 20+ Age 25+ Age 30+ Age 40+
    Minimum per month CHF 5’000 CHF 5’200 CHF 5’800 CHF 6’000
    Maximum per month CHF 5’500 CHF 6’000 CHF 6’500 CHF 8’000

    For employees in training as an engine driver, the salaries listed above are reduced by CHF 400 per month in each case.





    Application process

    • Submission of your application including the respective documents (CV, certificates, etc.) by email to daniel.dejongtr-transrail.ch. We do not require a letter of motivation. However, if you would like to share your motivation with us, we would be happy to read about it.
    • Passing an aptitude test (with applications for training)
    • Invitation to job interview
    • Traffic-related psychological and medical fitness examination (with applications for training)
    • Second job interview
    • Hiring

    Any questions? Kurt Lichtensteiger, Head of Operations Staff, Tel. +41 52 723 36 32, will be happy to provide you with information on the profession or the training. If you have any questions on the application process, Daniel de Jong, Managing Director, Tel. +41 52 723 36 53, will be happy to help you.

    Engine driver – my dream job ever since I can remember. I was able to realise it by training to become an engine driver at BLS in 1986. At BLS, I was also lucky enough to become qualified as a steam locomotive driver in 1988. After a short time with a historic rack railway between 2012 and 2018, I found my luck as an engine driver at TR Trans Rail AG at the beginning of 2019. I really enjoy the varied work at TR, often on wonderful locomotives which are considered to be old scrap at other railways. Even my hobby as a steam engine driver is encouraged by TR through agreed schedules and an in-depth appreciation of historic rail transport.

    - Urs Bösch, Engine Driver TR Trans Rail AG

    Nice to meet you!

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